Famed Fortuneteller Mor Luck on Being Branded a Red Shirt and His Prophesied Death

ตุลาคม 29, 2013 โดย Metro Square

Mor Luck Fun Thong

Mor Luck Fun Thong

Bk Magazine (Free English language lifestyle magazine about Bangkok and its fab people.) published interesting interviews with most famous fortunetellers “Mor Luck Fun Thong“.

After making his stage debut last year, one of Thailand’s most famous fortunetellers, Paitoon Onbua, 43, aka Mor Luck Fun Thong, returns to theater for another royal-themed period play, Nang Sueng. He talks to BK about fulfilling his destiny of becoming a fortuneteller, his anguish at being branded a red shirt and dealing with his prophesied death at the age of 48.

I was encouraged to study palmistry and astrology by my grandpa, who was also a fortuneteller. He told me it would help me earn a living wherever I went.

I would use my talent to meet girls when I was in high school. I strolled around the National Library with my friends reading astrology books and waiting until the girls finished school to show what I’d learned.

Being poor forced me to be a fortuneteller. I had no money to pay my university fees so I tried my hand at being a security guard, waiter and valet. But none of those jobs could earn me as much money as fortunetelling.

Fortunetelling wasn’t considered a respectable job back then. My parents scolded me for taking such a lowly job after I had studied economics at university.

I eventually ran away from home to rent a room with friends, because I didn’t want to cause more of a rift with my family.

The turning point came when I attended a Red Cross event at Supan Buri with the Astrological Association of Thailand. There I met Jongchai Tiengtham, a high-ranking politician, who asked me to tell his future. I did a good job for him, so more and more customers came to me and I collected enough money to pay back my university fees.

My work brings me into regular contact with lots of famous politicians and other public figures, who have helped me to build my reputation.

Fortunetelling is my destiny. I never dreamed of becoming one, but it has saved my life so many times. I had no money and it saved me. I feel so grateful for that. In return, I promised myself that I would remain a fortuneteller and continue this great Thai tradition.

There are lots of lies in the astrology industry. I think it’s completely idiotic when people pay money to fortunetellers who trick them into changing mobile phone numbers or changing their names. That’s just a money-making scam.

I was born in the wrong era. I feel I can’t relate to others these days. Performing in ancient stage plays like Nang Sueng only emphasizes this belief. I feel so good every time I’m on stage and revisiting the glory of our kingdom.

People nowadays are obsessed with making easy money. That’s why there are people who worship trees and weird animals to get lucky numbers for the lottery and girls who are willing to work at nightlife venues to earn lots of money from men.

Nothing can change your life like making merit. Doing good can only help you.

I don’t believe those famous people on TV who claim they can see ghosts. Those who are the real deal wouldn’t sell-out for such commercial purposes because their powers would be diminished. The press should think twice before reporting these claims and people should judge things for themselves.

I’m pretty sad that I’ve been branded a red shirt activist because I went to a red shirt protest. I’ve received a lot of negative comments but it shouldn’t be like this. Everyone has the right to choose what they believe in without being pushed to one side and labeled.

We must remember that if we keep fighting like this, we won’t have a country to live in.

I don’t have faith in democracy. It’s the system that stole the power from the monarchy in 1932. I didn’t even vote for anyone when the last election was held. It felt so good.

Politics are dirty. People used to ask me to become a politician but I hated the idea. I can’t associate with this foul system.

I will die at 48 years old. I was foretold this by the famous fortuneteller Jaral Pikul. I’m 43 now, so I only do what I want to do these days. I’m a dedicated Buddhist. But I don’t need it to be known, which is why I never put my name on what I contribute to temples.

What’s the point of being rich if there is no real happiness? It’s upsetting to see people race to be named on Forbes’ wealthiest list, but not care for philanthropy. I’ve donated hundreds of millions of baht and only have a few hundred thousand left on which to live.

Gratefulness is the best thing a human can show, especially towards your parents. They raised you so you should take care of them when they get older.

I wish to be reborn 10 more times before reaching Nirvana.


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