Main Astrological Trends for Pisces in 2014


พฤศจิกายน 10, 2013 โดย Metro Square

2014 will be an excellent export season, which can carry Pisces individuals awesome success. Destiny will help you, but it wouldn’t harm if you provided too.

Maybe you would sometimes like to allow yourself to get taken away with the reverie and be nonproductive (Neptune can hardly delay having fun with negligence and ignore to work), but you’ll have to try and muster, especially by This summer of 2014. After that, Jupiter will create sure it will keep you active.

Sentimentally, the first 50 percent of the season 2014 will be more tumultuous. The second aspect will be less loaded with activities.

The place that is most likely to be the celebrity of 2014 will be the place of cash. Pisces’ economic axis will be outlined by both the Mars-Uranus resistance and the axis of Moon’s nodes.

You’ll endeavor to increase your income and you’ll probably have a venture in thoughts (personal or professional) that will include certain essential economic maneuvres. It’s real you can generate a lot, but keep in thoughts that the chance of dropping is also big!

You’re suggested not to rush (Mars is allergy and wants to do everything on the identify, instantly, and Uranus can have rather surprising, surprising reactions), not to provide in to the first reaction, to analyze the scenario properly, to ask for guidance from professionals and to think twice before deciding.

Beware in interval Goal 1st y Twentieth 2014, when Mars is retrograde in one of Pisces’ uneconomical. The repercussions of the choices created under such options can often be terrible.


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