Main Astrological Trends for Taurus in 2014


พฤศจิกายน 11, 2013 โดย Metro Square

2014 will not be an easy year; however, with tolerance and control, you’ll take through.

Saturn-Sun resistance could provide you with the impact that things go more gradually, that the others are not supportive, don’t appreciate you, disapprove of you or take a position in your way. In some situations, you might overreact.

However, connections (of any kind) will be a painful factor and you’ll need versatility and benevolence to prevent problems.

In the first aspect of the season 2014, you’ll have to deal with a huge variety of projects and obligations, so you’ll actually have to strategy your tasks very carefully. Otherwise, you’ll threaten finishing up short of time or having an exhaustion-based problem.

In inclusion to all this, you’ll have to thoughts of your wellness. Taurus people have strenuous and proof systems but, as Saturn will type an resistance with the Sun and Mars will remain in Taurus’ home of wellness until This summer 2014, the attempt will be big while one’s human body will be more susceptible to illnesses.

Take proper yourself and don’t wait going to the physician’s if there’s something that seems to be wrong!

In 2014, you’ll also advantage from Jupiter’s advantages. In the former 50 percent of the season, Jupiter will assistance you in your perceptive projects and will help you find the right strategy and terms to persuade or settle. In the latter 50 percent, Jupiter will advantage household preoccupations, will carry assistance from close relatives members and opportunity as regards home and qualities.


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