Main Astrological Trends for Cancer in 2014

พฤศจิกายน 13, 2013 โดย Metro Square

The first seven several weeks of the season 2014 will not be simple for any indication, but particularly to Aries individuals, Libras, Melanoma individuals and Capricorn individuals they will be the toughest. At the main of complications will be the primary combination established by Uranus (located in Aries), Jupiter (in Cancer), Mars (in Libra) and Pluto (in Capricorn).

Cancer individuals will have a unique situation: Jupiter will be in their indication, appealing begin capabilities and possibilities. Some Melanoma individuals will continue/further their research. Others will journey, others will have religious satisfactions, and some will create their companies or begin a large-scale venture.

All Melanoma individuals will have to consider that Jupiter will not be itself, though, so it can also display its adverse sides: unwanted, overreaction, overestimating sources, neglecting threats, mirror, self-sufficiency. Under the impact of dissonant Jupiter, there’s the chance of you getting engaged in circumstances that will get out of your management.

One more detail: Jupiter will increase the hunger for meals and it can collect additional body weight.

The season 2014 will have significant expressive prospective for Melanoma individuals. It’s just that this season really like encounters will not be good and untroubled, but enthusiastic, struggling, inconsistent.

In the first two several weeks of 2014, psychological sensitiveness will be greater and views will be very subjective.

Relationships will be delicate especially in Jan 2014, when Venus is retrograde in Cancer’s home of partners. However, decades when Venus is retrograde in this place regularly carry unique expressive encounters that are value residing even if they are ravishing.


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