Main Astrological Trends for Libra in 2014

พฤศจิกายน 15, 2013 โดย Metro Square

Under the primary combination established by Uranus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto, in the first seven several weeks of 2014 Aries individuals, Melanoma individuals, Libras and Capricorn individuals will not have very easy lifestyles.

In Libras, the issue will be Mars’ transportation through their indication. If it is well spectated, Mars will carry power, effort, extreme and well synchronized activity. If it is poorly spectated, it will carry improvisation, hurry and negligence, and it’ll predispose to disputes and occurrences.

Mars’opposition with Uranus will dual the prospect of distressing excitement, the Mars-Jupiter rectangle will increase problems, and the Mars-Pluto rectangle will have to risk prospective.

Beyond the effect on connections and professional, health could also be impacted. Mars’ “specialties” are accidents, accidents by metal or flame, operations, attacks, inflammations, haemorrhage, muscular or blood vessels issues.

The Mars-Uranus resistance and the Mars-Jupiter rectangle will increase the chance of accidents, especially those due to vehicles, gadgets, equipment or very risky things (weapons, explosives, distinct, hot, inflammable things, etc.).

For soothing mood down, you’ll have to route and use the large power launched by the primary combination and especially of Mars. The most effective “burning” ways will be continually exercising, the battle for a royal cause, development and charitable organisation.

Moving on to another point, housing, qualities, mother and father and family will need interest and warning in the first trimester of 2014, especially in Jan.

For Libras, the slogan of the first 50 percent of the year 2014 will be “caution and moderation”. The second part will be comfortable. It won’t present unique issues.


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