Main Astrological Trends for Scorpio in 2014

พฤศจิกายน 16, 2013 โดย Metro Square

Wellness will have to be kept under the statement in 2014, especially in the first aspect of the season.

There are two factors here. The first element is relevant to Saturn in Scorpio, which gets the body exhausted and deteriorates resistance. Against this qualifications, there could appear problems such as: the deterioration of the already current conditions, the symptom of some inherited predispositions, the overall look of some illnesses due to inadequate life cleanliness (not enough relax, disorganised foods, misuse or unwanted, cool or wetness, etc.) or of generally Saturn-like problems impacting bone fragments, joint parts, skin, hair, claws or tooth.

The second element will aid the axis of illnesses in Scorpio’s astrology, which will be noticeable by the Mars-Uranus resistance in the first half of the season 2014. This resistance is competitive and can become risky because it requires a risk of injuries, suits, injuries, operations, serious illnesses, infected illnesses, emergency situations, hospitalizations.

If natal astrology indicates great health, the indispositions will be minimal. Anyway, you’ll need cautious.

Some medical conditions can be due to unwanted or pressure. You’d better, therefore, look for ways to relax, for health and good surroundings. Innovative actions have a powerful beneficial impact, so you should find time for them.

In the second aspect of 2014, profession will be the main attraction, appealing important achievements and satisfactions. Don’t think twice to take benefits of all the possibilities it provides you with!


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